Youtube Comments

How to Make Comments on Your Phone’s Youtube App

From a helpful member of Trinity:

Hi! After googling how to post comments on YouTube videos when using an iPhone, I finally figured it out. However, I am guessing many people will not yet know how. So, if you see fit, could you please share instructions with those on this email list? On an iPhone, go to App Store and download the YouTube app.

Create an account by creating a username and password (an email address is required). Sign in.

Search for Trinity Paso and then Subscribe to that channel. This will allow you to view Trinity’s videos easily, all in one place.

Once you’ve pressed on the word “subscribe,” you will then be able to tap the icon at the center bottom of your screen (the Subscriptions icon). This will take you to a screen showing all the relevant videos.

Tap on a video you want to watch. To comment on that video, you must scroll down past all the other stuff on the page, including related and unrelated videos, til you reach the bottom, where the comment field is located. Type your comment there and press the icon to post (to the right of the comment typing area). Your comment will be associated with the video you just watched.

I hope this is helpful! I just figured it out today, as I have watched YouTube videos before but had never commented on them until now.