Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church & School

Dear people of Trinity,

We welcome you to join us this Sunday for worship, May 31. The Worship Center will be open for a 9:30 am celebration service (with pre-service singing at about 9:15 am). It will also be Live Streamed and recorded on YouTube at our Trinity Paso channel. (Your presence constitutes consent for recording the service.)

We ask that those who are sick or vulnerable to COVID to please stay home.

We will be practicing strict social distancing.

As you enter and leave, please avoid clustering in groups.

In the entryway, you will find on tables:

  1. The offering basket for your tithes and offerings
  2. Disposable masks and gloves
  3. Sanitizer
  4. Copies of Colossians and the Discussion Guide.

For the time being, there will be no nursery, no coffee cart, and no goodies.


  1. When people enter the building, make sure they stop at the table to sanitize their hands & pick up a mask if desired.
  2. Use the thermometer to take people’s temperature (if they are willing).
  3. Assist people in finding a seat with proper distancing, two pews between and 10 feet apart within the same pew (unless a family sitting together). Also, assist with keeping people moving, once entering the building, and seating them in the sanctuary. Unfortunately, we want to prevent people gathering in the entry and visiting within the small space.

Clean up: We need a couple of people to wipe down door handles, and any areas where several have come in contact. Also, make sure wipes, face masks, programs/announcement sheets are put in the trash.

Our cleaning service will begin cleaning twice a week this coming weekend, Friday/Saturday and again on Monday.

The Lord’s Peace be with you,

– Pastor Steve

Sunday Live Stream Worship @ 9:30 am

This Sunday’s worship will include the Invocation, Stillness for Confession and Absolution, the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and other prayers. This will be followed by discussion and the Benediction.

Join our Live Stream on Sunday at 9:30 am. Please feel free to make comments.

Please continue to Give your tithes and offerings during these stressful times.

Zoom Cottage Meeting

You may also join our Zoom session for the Cottage meeting following worship. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84463091487. To phone in, call 669-900-9128 and use Meeting ID: 844 6309 1487.


  • Please mute yourself until you wish to talk.
  • Please avoid having background noise (and especially mute YouTube, if you are also watching that).
  • Also, you may use Zoom during worship, but the audio and video will not be nearly as good as YouTube.

Prepare for worship

Prepare for the Sunday Live Stream with the Sunday Preparation (Readings). Please make comments on the Cottage Meeting questions. It will be much more enjoyable if we have active participation. Check-out our Guide for Youtube Comments.

Make sure your Trinity family knows your contact information.

Your Trinity Shepherd should have contacted you. If not, please contact the Church Office.

Also, Dina Marks, our new church secretary, will try to contact everyone in the next couple of weeks. Let’s make sure everyone is handling this ok.

Need Help?

If you are willing to help with deliveries to those in need, let us know.

If you need someone to shop for food or medications for you, please let us know.

Tithes & Offerings

Please click Give in the menu above for ways to give.

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